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September 11, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you move my mobilehome? Do you do major repairs?

We specialize in foundations and some related minor repairs. For foundations, we install them, we inspect them, we repair them, we certify them.
We don't set up or move mobilehomes.

Why might I need a foundation?

While a support system (see Support System below) holds up the weight of the building (the vertical load), a foundation adds resistance to sideways forces (lateral loads). Any building might have lateral forces pushing on it from 1) moving air (wind), 2) moving water (flood) or 3) moving earth (earthquake). A proper foundation will resist those lateral forces. In Kern County, mobilehomes are not required to have foundations but the home is a lot more stable if it does have a foundation.

Why else might I need a foundation?

Financing. In California, on private property, a mobilehome that is not on a foundation is personal property. Mortgage Loans are not available for personal property.
Wait a minute! My friend got a loan without having to put in a foundation! What's up with that?
It's not likely your friend got a mortgage loan. Loans are available for "mobilehomes not on foundations" but they are almost always for a higher down payment, a shorter term, and at a higher interest rate. Having a foundation opens the door to all the different home loan programs including FHA and VA. Anyone considering getting a loan on a mobilehome should check with several different lenders about all their financing options. The cost of installing a foundation might be covered by the loan and the house payment will probably still be far less than a loan on a mobilehome without a foundation. If you have any trouble finding a lender that can help you, contact us.

What's the difference between different types of mobilehome foundations?

There are a number of different foundations available for mobilehomes. All of them fall into the categories of either a "perimeter type" or a "pier and pad type". The perimeter type is either concrete or concrete block, reinforced with steel rebar, and underneath the entire outside edge of the home. The mobilehome has to be securely attached to the perimeter foundation wall. This type of foundation is generally used only when installing a new home. Once the home is already installed it becomes very difficult and expensive to install a perimeter type foundation.

Pier and pad type foundations are installed under the chassis of the mobilehome and are much less difficult and less expensive than the perimeter type. They work in conjunction with, but should not be confused with, the "Support System" that all mobilehomes must have. A Support System is made up of stacked concrete blocks or steel piers on treated wood pads. They're spaced between 3 and 8 feet apart (according to the home manufacturer's installation manual) under each chassis beam. They hold up the floor and they are adjustable. If your home needs releveling, it's the Support System that needs to be adjusted.

What's the difference between a "Foundation" and a "Permanent Foundation"?

Nothing. Just two different ways of saying the same thing.

All foundations, on any kind of building, are permanent until they're removed.

How much does it cost to install a foundation?

In our local area, Kern County, for a typical doublewide, usually $3000. To find out how much for yours, please call us and we'll come take a look - No Charge. We always look and talk for free. And remember, your savings from a lower interest rate will probably pay for that foundation several times - and your house is more stable.

How much does it cost to repair a foundation? And how do I know if mine needs fixing?

It's not common that foundations need to be repaired. If your home is out of level or the floors feel soft or bouncy, you may have a foundation problem. How much it costs depends on what needs fixing. Remember, we look and talk for free. And we'll provide you with a detailed description of any proposed repairs.

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